rlvm 0.6 released!

19 Apr 2009
Tags: rlvm

Supports the Full Voice edition of CLANNAD, with several general improvements to all versions of CLANNAD. Most notably, rlvm 0.6 supports the Ogg Vorbis voice archives used in CLANNAD Full Voice edition. (Older KOE and NWK archives are not yet supported).

Currently, English patches to CLANNAD are known to not work. (And I suspect that they never did.) Specifically, I’ve tested with the SEEN.TXT files on Assembla and things aren’t working. More investigation is needed. rlvm still works properly with the NDT Kanon patches.

By popular demand, the OSX application is now a universal binary again. (I am not sure how many more releases will have universal binaries because my old G4 laptop is dying.)

rlvm compiles on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (and most likely any modern Linux distribution) and Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard / 10.4 Tiger.

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