rlvm 0.14 released!

04 Oct 2014
Tags: rlvm

rlvm 0.14 adds support for the US edition of planetarian and the Japanese all ages edition of Kud Wafter. It also further attempts to make animations smoother.

I’ve also added a bitcoin donation widget to the rlvm main page. If you’ve found rlvm useful over the last eight years, consider making a donation in Bitcoin to 1AXqsVMXgpdjoDZF7995NXbVgGxVUKEDSc.



Ubuntu (Precise) package for x86 machines (version 0.14)
Ubuntu (Precise) package for amd64 machines (version 0.14)
Mac OSX Application (Intel) (version 0.14)
Source code (0.14)

rlvm 0.13 released!

13 Oct 2013
Tags: rlvm

rlvm should now do a much better job running Little Busters. It should also detect if the user tried to run a game before installing an English patch and offer to reset save game data.

“lurkmore” has written tonecurve support, so character sprites should be tinted in scenes with different lighting conditions. In addition, there are major changes to the graphics system to allow for sepia effects, colour tinting, and new animation primitives.



Ubuntu (Precise) package for x86 machines (version 0.13)
Ubuntu (Precise) package for amd64 machines (version 0.13)
Mac OSX Application (Intel) (version 0.13)
Source code (0.13)</br />

Chrome Sync and Android

27 Aug 2011
Tags: Android

A word of caution; last night I enabled the new “Encrypt all synced data” option in Google Chrome. It is awesome that we now offer this.

The Android browser also talks to the chrome sync servers; their (not Chrome) browser in Honeycomb 3.1 looks like it doesn’t handle encryption yet, and crashes hard when the option is enabled on my G-Slate. Periodically, the com.google.process.gapps process crashes, often while I’m doing something else on my tablet. Looking at the output of adb logcat:

E/AndroidRuntime( 2861): FATAL EXCEPTION: SyncAdapterThread-1
E/AndroidRuntime( 2861): java.lang.NullPointerException
E/AndroidRuntime( 2861): 	at com.google.android.syncadapters.
E/AndroidRuntime( 2861): 	at com.google.android.syncadapters.
E/AndroidRuntime( 2861): 	at com.google.android.common.
E/AndroidRuntime( 2861): 	at android.content.

So…don’t turn on encryption on all your browser sync data in Chrome if you have a Honeycomb tablet! Since you can’t disable this once it’s on in Chrome, the workaround is unchecking Accounts & sync > (your Google account) > Sync Browser until their browser supports encrypted datatypes.

(In general, if you’re wondering why something is crashing, you can usually get a good idea by using adb logcat from the Android development SDK or one of the logcat programs on Market.)