Look what I found in the rlBabel code…

20 Dec 2008
Tags: rlvm and humour
template <typename T>
class test_p: public std::unary_function<t , bool> {
	// Come quick! come quick! thou happy hour
	// When C++ doth closures get,
	// And gain thereby some modern power,
	// And all this clumsiness forget
	// (Though that may take a lifetime yet,
	// Since standards are so hit-and-miss) --
	// Till then, we're stuck with crap like this.
	int x_, y_;
	test_p(int x, int y) : x_(x), y_(y) {}
	bool operator()(const T& t) const { return t.test(x_, y_); }

– Haeleth, in rlBabel’s gloss.cpp

Writing that class out made Haeleth curse,
So annoyed, he composed a whole verse!
And though Haeleth is vexed,
There’s no joy in Oh X.
The new syntax for lambdas is worse!