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What's rlvm?

rlvm is an open source implementation of the RealLive scripting engine for Linux and OSX. RealLive is a game engine used in Japan to write visual novels, a few of which I care about, and many that I do not. Currently, rlvm works with: Kanon Standard Edition, Air Standard Edition, CLANNAD, CLANNAD Full Voice Edition, the original version of Little Busters! and Planetarian, along with a few non-KEY games. rlvm can optionally use English patches to some games.

rlvmはRealLive互換環境です。 カノンもAIRもCLANNAD [Full Voice]もリトルバスターズ!もplanetarianもプリンセスブライドを遊べる。

GPLv3 logorlvm is open sourced under the GNU General Public License version 3 (or later). I welcome contributions, bug fixes, etc. More details can be found on the contributing page.

Current release - rlvm 0.13.1 - Released 16 Dec 2013

This is a maintenence release. This fixes a crash on some OpenGL drivers during the save/load screen in Clannad, and also fixes some minor font issues on Ubuntu.